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26                                                         Madduri Annapoornaiah
youth in the new political outlook and philosophy. Kothapatnam is
conveniently located on the sea shore at a distance of 10 miles to the
east of ongole town. The camp consisted of 170 volunteers who
were enlisted for orientation. They included Putchalapalli
Sundarayya, Kolla Venkayya, Makineni Basava Punnaiah,
Jonnalagadda Ramlingaiah, Pidatala Ranga Reddy, etc., All these
persons became prominent leaders later.
Thg resource persons who'delivered the lectures at the camp
Indulal Yagnik, Zahir Hazara Begam, Swami Sahjananda Saraswati,
Acharya Ranga, Jayaprakash Narayan, Achyut Patwardhan,
Batliwala, C.P. Ellengo and other prominent men were known for
their scholarly pursuits and political maturity.
Janab Ghouse Beg was the head of the volunteer corps. Chandra
Rajeshwar Rao (who later became a well known communist leader)
was in charge of drill classes. Annapragada Kameswar Rao taught
them gorilla war fare techniques. Alluri Satyanarayana Raju and
Annapragada KameswaraRao participated along with their wives.
The responsibility of running this training camp was shouldered
by Annapragada Kames wara Rao, Madduri Anna poornaiah, Alluri
Satyanarayana Raju, Neti Chalapati and Sagi Vijayarama Raju. As
the camp was going on smoothly and successfully, on the basis of a
report received from the Intelligence Department, the Government
banned the training camp. Such arbitrary and high-handed mea-
sures were not undommon in those days of British regime. Our own
Indian officers of the Police who were more loyal than the king
used to cooperate with the rulers and betray our countrymen with-
out scruple and sentiment - In May 1937 Vellodi, Collector of Guntur
district raided the camp with two vans of police men and lathi charged
the inmates of the camp. Annapoornaiah, Annapragada and a few
others received bruises.
In his lectures at the camp Annapoornaiah explained to the par-
ticipants of the training camp the birth and objects of Indian Na-
tional Congress. But in the chargesheet which was served on him
they accused him of "preaching Communism in the camp'1. In his